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Aikido Self-Defense: Holds & Locks for Modern Use

Paperback Cover - First Printing
Paperback Cover – First Printing
Paperback Cover - 1965 Printing
Paperback Cover – 1965 Printing

This is another of Tegner’s quasi-Aikido self-defense books, many of which are simply reincarnations of previous books. What sets this book apart is the fairly accurate description of the nature of Aikido as a benevolent, non-violent art, and the very early date of publication (1961), which means that it pre-dates practically all other English-language mainstream publications pertaining to Aikido, except for a Tomiki book from 1956, a couple by Makiyama in the late 50’s or 1960, and Tohei’s first book in 1960. Collectible for this reason, contents notwithstanding.

  • Publisher: Thor Publishing
  • Publication Year: 1961, 1965
  • ISBN-10: None
  • ISBN-13:  None
  • Pages: 125
  • Available Bindings: Paperback