Kokyu Nage: An Illustrated Handbook

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

‘Kokyu nage’, the term given to a range of important Aikido techniques, is commonly translated from the Japanese as ‘Breath throw’. However, the word ‘Kokyu’ can also be translated as ‘Work in harmony with’. In fact both interpretations describe Kokyu nage techniques, since they depend on a delicate combination of correct breath control, precise body movement, minimal physical contact and perfect timing. Consequently, the effective execution of Kokyu nage techniques represents a high level of skill in Aikido. This book examines over sixty Kokyu nage techniques from various holding and striking attacks, with hundreds of step-by-step illustrations that include detailed annotations. The breadth of coverage of this important class of Aikido techniques means that this book can be used to great advantage by beginner and advanced student alike.

  • Publisher:  Lulu.com
  • Publication Year:  2015
  • ISBN-10:  1326226770
  • ISBN-13:  9781326226770
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00VA6P1G6
  • Pages:  96
  • Available Bindings:  Paperback, Kindle

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