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Aikido Self-Defense: What I Can Teach You About Aikido

Kindle Cover
Kindle Cover

From the Author:  There’s no mistaking the fact that Aikido is one of the best and most popular martial art in the United States today. The art of Aikido is best associated with actor Steven Seagal, who made it even more popular with his movies. Aikido is rich and history in tradition, an art that originally started in Japan back in the 1940s.

In this e-book, you’ll find helpful tips on aikido in everyday life,
aikido self defense, aikido basics, aikido for life, critical things you must know about aikido in combat and more.

  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Publication Year:  2015
  • ISBN-10:  None
  • ISBN-13:  None
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B011VBT188
  • Pages:  47
  • Available Bindings:  Kindle