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Living a Life of Abundance: The 67 Aikido Principles to Grow Wealth, Joy and Total Freedom

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

This title has been included in this Bibliography to help otherwise trusting readers to save some money…

This is NOT an Aikido book.  In fact, other than in the title, the word “aikido” only appears once in the book.  The book is a rambling  collection of disjointed thoughts, and has probably been issued in a variety of iterations and titles, in hopes to induce buyers across a variety of genres.  Caveat emptor…

  • Publisher: Robin Books Ltd.
  • Publication Year:  2006
  • ISBN-10:  1904843123
  • ISBN-13:  9781904843122
  • Pages:  78
  • Available Bindings:  Paperback