Aiki-Jo: An Illustrated Handbook

Paperback/Kindle Cover
Paperback/Kindle Cover

The jo , an approximately four foot long wooden stave, is a rather innocuous weapon, its versatility and effectiveness not immediately apparent. However, in the right hands it can be used to devastating effect as Miyamoto Musashi the very famous Japanese swordsman discovered in a match with Musō Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi, another famous martial artist. If the account is to be believed, Katsuyoshi beat Musashi using only a jo, the only time Musashi was defeated; true or not, the jo is still regarded as a formidable weapon.
The use of the jo features in most Aikido dojos. It is important in its own right as a weapon of offence and defence, but perhaps just as importantly as a supplement to Aikido unarmed training. Aiki-jo training reinforces tai sabaki, reaction speed, distance awareness and many other basic principles of Aikido practice. Moreover, jo suburi and jo kata forms of practice are performed solo, without the need for a training partner.
In this volume we provide illustrated guidance to six forms of Aiki-jo training:
• Part 1 deals with preliminary exercises to loosen the body and become familiar with handling the jo.
• In Part 2 we describe over 20 forms of jo suburi, that is basic exercises for attack and defence.
• Part 3 builds on Part 2 by presenting three commonly practised jo kata that incorporate suburi in continuous sequences.
• Partner practice in Part 4 shows techniques where uke, wielding the jo, attacks tori who disarms and throws or pins uke. This form of practice is termed jo dori.
• In Part 5, jo waza, tori throws or immobilises uke using the jo.
• Finally in Part 6 tori and uke, both wielding a jo, are shown performing paired exercises, that is kumijo, before demonstrating a continuous sequence of mutual attacks and defences.
Aiki-jo forms are all beneficial to basic unarmed Aikido training, but they are much more than that; they also enrich the Aikido training experience, making it as exciting as it is enjoyable.

  • Publisher: Koteikan Press,
  • Publication Year:  2014
  • ISBN-10:  129184466X
  • ISBN-13:  9781291844665
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00NMUR9FO
  • Pages:  94
  • Available Bindings:  Paperback, Kindle

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