Aiki Secrets: Six Precepts and the Dynamic COB

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

(From the Publisher): William B. Dockery’s journey into the science and soul of martial arts began more than two decades ago. Through the years he has dedicated himself to studying and understanding multiple disciplines of martial arts encompassing a broad range of proficiencies, skill sets, and goals. Whether they are combat oriented, grappling driven, balance inspired, or spiritual/centering practices, he has used his experiences in them all to formulate a groundbreaking methodology for Aikido unlike any other ever conceived or taught. And the best part is that it can be easily and successfully applied to other martial arts as well. The key to this new understanding is the physics of the human body, otherwise known as kinesiology. By breaking down the science of the physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms associated with human movement and applying them to martial arts disciplines, Dockery bridges these two worlds in a revolutionary guide that will forever change the way martial arts are approached and taught. Written using his personal notes during his intermediate training in Tomiki Ryu Aikido in conjunction with his growing understanding of kinesiology, Dockery’s book is the perfect compliment to the studies of all intermediate students—even if their discipline isn’t Aikido. By understanding how the body works in motion, he reasons, students can grasp the concepts taught to them rather than simply mimicking behavior. And by translation, an understanding of one’s own COB inherently brings about an understanding of others, enabling the ability to manipulate an opponent’s COB with directed intent, thereby reducing the time it takes to learn new techniques, yielding increasingly successful results. “Aikido is not magical,” Dockery says, “it is bound by the laws of physics.” His new expertise is teaching others how to improve their practice by providing the mental focus necessary to engage their mind along with their body. His approach is based on the six key precepts of No-Line and the 20, Parallelism, The Cam (S and C), Sagittal Plane, Daito Hands and Lever Arms, and Aiki-Age, Aiki Sage. These precepts lay the foundation for the most revelatory chapter: The Secret to Aiki. Those willing to engage these fundamental teachings in a meaningful manner will achieve greater results than those without due to this melding of mind and body versus the rote mechanics of current methods. With over two decades of experience, Dockery’s lifelong dedication to studying and better understanding multiple disciplines of martial arts has lead to a commitment to helping others with their devotion as well. An extraordinary resource that is as applicable to sports and dancing as it is to all martial arts, Dockery unlocks a revolutionary approach that transcends any current methods in use. Presented in a no-nonsense, layman’s approach that is easy to understand and apply, Aiki Secrets: Six Precepts and the Dynamic COB forever changes the paradigm.

  • Publisher: Aspiring Press
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • ISBN-10:  0615479987
  • ISBN-13: 9780615479989
  • Pages: 302
  • Available Bindings: Paperback

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