Aiki Combat Jujits: Basic Reference Manual

Paperback and Kindle Cover Photo
Paperback and Kindle Cover Photo

This manual goes over the Basics of Aiki Combat Jujits; this manual is designed to add the student while they are learning our system not teach it to them. This book goes hand in hand with the DVD.

  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10: 1503356299
  • ISBN-13: 9781503356290
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00U4CVU62
  • Pages: 46
  • Available Bindings: Paperback, Kindle

Aiki Combat Jujits: 1st Brown Belt Manual

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

This manual goes over the 1st Brown belt requirements of Aiki Combat Jujits; there are dozens of colored pictures along with step by step instructions for each move, drill or form. This manual goes hand in hand with his basics DVD’s.

  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10: 1505207983
  • ISBN-13: 9781505207989
  • Pages: 50
  • Available Bindings: Paperback

Living With the Wind at Your Back

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

From the Publisher: “Is there a way to heal the modern heart and mind, a path that leads to interconnection, shared values, and the integration of the person? Can we learn to act as harmonious body-minds, seeking to create a better social and natural environment? This book charts a pathway through such difficulties. Professor David Shaner describes how to remain centered and focused; he edges the reader closer and closer to a life of joy, fulfillment, growth and social contribution. This is an important book for our times, for it seeks to help you connect with something larger than yourself.”

Subtitled “Seven Arts to Positively Transform Your Life”, this is not an Aikido book, but the author, a longtime direct student of Koichi Tohei, speaks to life fulfillment from a perspective full of aiki philosophy and principles.

  • Publisher: Connect LLC
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10: 099609380X
  • ISBN-13: 9780996093804
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00WFGURH8
  • Pages: 407
  • Available Bindings: Paperback, Kindle

Jodo Notebook

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

Jodo Notebook is a fully illustrated manual of the Basic techniques (Kihon) of Shindo Muso Ryu (SMR) and the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei (ZNKR),and the 12 Kata of Seitei Jodo. It is an invaluable supplement to Jodo training to make learning easier and faster as well. Jodo (Japanese stick fighting) is taught either in Shindo Muso Ryu, or in the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei under the name Seitei Jodo. Both systems share the same Basics (12 Kihon). The differences are in the Kata (12 in Seitei Jodo, and 64 in SMR), and the training with other weapons arts besides the Jo and the Sword (Tachi) in Shindo Muso Ryu (in the 64 SMR Kata). The ZNKR Jodo organization is by far the largest international Jodo organization. Very few books are available on Jodo. Jodo is taught worldwide, but newer literature in English is hard to get. Most of the literature is in Japanese.  The Notebook is made to fill this gap in literature. The author is co-writer with George W. Alexander of The Dictionary of Japanese Martial Arts, and illustrator of The Way of White Crane Karate, both from Yamazato Productions.

Not an Aikido book per se, but a sizable and good technical volume about a staple aiki weapon.

  • Publisher: Books On Demand
  • Publication Year:  2014
  • ISBN-10:  8771459170
  • ISBN-13:  9788771459173
  • ASIN (Kindle):  None
  • Pages:  450
  • Available Bindings:  Paperback

An Open Secret: A Student’s Handbook for Learning Aikido Techniques of Self-Defense and the Aiki Way

Kindle/Paperback Cover Photo
Kindle.Paperback Cover Photo

Basics, terminology, dojo etiquette, some historical and philosophical content.  The book provides unbiased information on common etiquette, student responsibilities, dojo design, proper training apparel, the relationship between student and teacher and between students, training tools and weapons, rank examination, the Aiki spirit, and fundamental training concepts essential to learning Aikido and ultimately the Aiki way. Other topics include step-by-step pointers on selection and care of the uniform (the Aikido gi and hakama), equipment (Aikido weapons – jo and bokken), and the training facility (Aikido dojo). Grading and promotion examination details are covered for both beginning and advanced students, as well as student’s progressive responsibilities as they advance in rank and experience.

  • Publisher: A&E Blomert Enterprises
  • Publication Year:  2014, 2015
  • ISBN-10:  1503093522
  • ISBN-13:  978-1503093522
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00PF3KVSI
  • Pages:  167 (Kindle), 178 (Paperback)
  • Available Bindings:  Kindle, Paperback