Aikido, A Way to God: Christian Spirituality Through the Martial Arts

God is bigger than we think and cannot be put in a box. Christian saints and mystics saw God in and through all things; yet, modern Christians are afraid to venture beyond non-traditional disciplines and conceptions in their search for God. As Eastern exercises, such as yoga, have become popular in the West, they have been recognized as meaningful means of Christian spiritual growth. This book shows that a Japanese martial art, aikido, can also be a path to God. Drawing upon his experience in aikido and in ministry, as well as training in theology, the author shows how selected principles parallel and are congruent with the Christian message. Each chapter ends with a prayerful reflection for practical application in Christian life.

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  • Publication Year:  2010
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  • ASIN (Kindle):  B0047GN84S
  • Pages:  75
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Shu Ha Ri: The Aikido Journey: The Metamorphosis of Form

Kindle Cover
Kindle Cover

An exploration of what aikido is and how we should use the shu, ha, ri paradigm to both learn and progress beyond aikido techniques, to what O-Sensei described as “take musu aiki” (martial creative aiki) – aikido beyond technique.

  • Publisher: Shoshin Press
  • Publication Year:  2014
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  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00JIYLGCK
  • Pages:  76
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Aiki Combat Jujits: Cane Techniques

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

As the population in the U.S has gotten older there is an increase in learning to use the cane or Don Jong as a self-defense weapon. Many styles of Martial Arts systems have been adding the self-defense applications of the cane to their students due to the very practicality of the weapon and to the fact that it is legal to carry one with you at all times to use effectively for self-defense. The use of a cane as a weapon was formalized by the Korean martial art of Hapkido. Many other martial art systems have used the cane over the last century. Aiki Combat Jujits like Hapkido encompasses countless number of joint locks, throws as well as defection techniques. Because of this students are not training in how to use the cane until they have achieved the upper belts of the system. The First introduction of this weapon is not shown to the students until they reach Black Belt. By this level the student understands and possesses sufficient knowledge of how to make your body move and to correctly understand how to use the cane properly as a defensive weapon. It is very important that students first make sure they understand how to use a cane in basic applications before they move onto more advanced techniques. If the student overlooks the basics then a true mastery of the cane will never be achieved.

Not an Aikido book, but the utilization of aiki principles is unmistakable.

  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Publication Year:  2013
  • ISBN-10:  1490955216
  • ISBN-13:  9781490955216
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00E428MGO
  • Pages:  32, 87
  • Available Bindings:  Paperback, Kindle

Journey: On Mastering Ukemi

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

This is the second book in the Mastership Series by Aikido teacher Daniel Linden. Mr Linden continues his enigmatic and powerful instruction with an allegorical tale of test and triumph in the high Himalayan mountains in Nepal. The Journey we all take from birth to death can be exciting, powerful, enriching and engaging or it can be one of quiet desperation. The choice is yours. Journey is a tale of one young man’s attempt to engage that kind of life and his teacher’s attempts to show him the way. Mr Linden has shown a sense of humor, self-deprecation, and humility almost unique in the world of martial art teachers and Aikido teachers especially. His worldly views and occasional lapses make this one of the most enriching and wonderful stories of martial arts and personal triumph ever written. Journey – On Mastering Ukemi will have you grabbing your passports, calling for reservations, announcing your itinerary on Facebook, and bolting out the door. Daniel Linden is one of the most iconic and enigmatic Aikido teachers in the world. On Mastering Aikido, his first work about Aikido, introduced many new insights to Western readers. His newest novel, The Content of Character, is a multigenerational, melting-pot American story of unique and immense proportions.

In Journey, Mr. Linden once again brings his profound teaching skills to the area of mastership. This time he takes on ukemi, the mysterious unheralded side of Aikido, the world’s most difficult martial art. This is a story of willpower, skill, and endurance with the most energetic and entertaining young travelers you will ever meet. Journey – On Mastering Ukemi is an allegorical tale that is meant for those individuals who have already learned the basics of ukemi – attack and the relentless heart. Yet beginners will find it fascinating as well, because Linden Sensei brings all his storytelling skills to bear upon this amazing journey. Seasoned travelers (and those who wish to be) will find this story a riveting page-turner. This is a tale that begins with a punch in the nose and ends in a pitched battle high in the Himalaya on the backbone of the Earth. A great read for everyone.
  • Publisher:  CreateSpace
  • Publication Year:  2011
  • ISBN-10:  1461069270
  • ISBN-13:  9781461069270
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B004ZM9UBO
  • Pages:  224
  • Available Bindings:  Paperback, Kindle, Nook

Understanding Aikido

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

This tiny booklet offers a short and concise consideration of the meaning of the discipline of Aikido as developed from a practical and historical as well as a philosophical viewpoint. Copyright 1991 & 2009 by the Zantotsu Ryu.

  • Publisher: Zantotsu Ryu
  • Publication Year: 1991, 2009
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  • ASIN:  B000XEM86C
  • Pages:  8
  • Available Bindings: Paperback

Aikido: Irimi-Nage Lessons, Part 1

E-Book Cover Photo
E-Book Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo

From the Publisher:  Irimi Nage is one of the most basic of Aikido throws. It is, perhaps, one of the first throw that needs to be mastered. Standard technique is to throw gently along the spine. The highest skill in throwing with Irimi Nage is derived from throwing them up, not down. What goes up, comes down naturally.
This book contains practical materials about Irimi Nage techniques. More than 50 techniques are illustrated step by step.
The author was a student of Masatake Fujita Sensei, Shihan Hombu Dojo, 8th Dan Aikido Aikikai for over 20 years.

Also available as an E-Book from numerous outlets, and as a paperback book (without the “Part 1” designation).

  • Publisher: Zigzabur North America LLC
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • ISBN-10:  0989003493
  • ISBN-13:  9780989003490
  • ASIN (Kindle):  B00IL9Q53S
  • Pages:  Unknown
  • Available Bindings: Kindle, E-Book, Paperback