Budo Renshu (Budo Training in Aikido)

Paperback Cover Photo
Paperback Cover Photo
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Slipcase Photo

This book was originally one of the two compiled works of O’Sensei, published in Japanese in 1933. This very scarce edition has been painstakingly translated into bilingual English/Japanese by Larry and Seiko Bieri, and republished in 1978 under the supervision of Kisshomaru Ueshiba Doshu. It is profusely illustrated with hand drawings, and bound in the traditional Japanese fashion, with cardboard slipcover. The book reads back-to-front. Covered are much technique and explanation of principles.

Notes: Extremely Limited Edition – Reprint of Original 1933 text, with English translation added.

  • Publisher:
  • Publication Year: 1978
  • ISBN-10:  0870404458
  • ISBN-13:  9780870404450
  • Pages: 167
  • Available Bindings: Hand-bound Paperback

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